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What Is a Resume?

A resume is a tool designed to win an interview and eventually lead to the person getting the job he/she wants. A successful resume convinces the employer that the person would be the type of person he/she wants as an employee. In many ways a resume is like advertising in that it sells the person to the employer. The resume is written to attract the attention of the employer so the employer will call the person and give him/her an interview. 
A resume establishes the person as an individual who has worth and merit. It shows the person has good writing skills with the ability to express oneself as a worthy candidate of working for the employer. The resume is a tool that clearly tells the employer that he/she has experience in different areas that will make a difference if the individual is hired.

A resume is like an application in that it lists past history, education, and references. This allows the employer to see what the person is like. If the employer likes what the resume says, then the individual will get an interview. Interviewing takes time and effort. An employer wants to know what candidates are worthy of his/her time. A successful resume shows the employer that he/she has the qualities and characteristics the employer wants.

A successful resume should highlight the job seeker’s relevant information including skills, education, and qualifications. It should use key words showing the ability to understand the specific type of work involved. A resume should not be generic but individually designed for the specific company and position.

A resume is a selling tool that shows the employer what the individual is capable of doing. It shows the educational background as well as the employment background of the individual. Most employers briefly glance at the resumes and decide which resumes to spend more time reading or deciding whom to grant interviews with. The most important element in a resume is the value of the individual shown on the resume. The resume shows the ability to shove problems, meet deadlines, set goals, and produce results. The only way a resume can do all of this is through key words or often called “buzz” words. Every word in the resume should have a purpose. It is important to delete any unnecessary words so more of a focus can be placed on these “buzz” words.

A resume is a tool showing the professional reflection of “you” as an individual. The importance of a resume being written professionally is understated. Many people believe the resume is just a link to getting the door open but it is in reality a tool that tells the employer things about you that may be mentioned in the interview or even later down the career ladder. This resume is placed in an employee’s file if the individual is hired and may be referred to later if necessary.

The number one complaint that many employers state about resumes is they lack specific objectives. Creating a well-written and well-focused objective section may make the difference in whether you get the interview or even if you get the job. Employers want to know what your objectives will be in the future. Is this a job that only is endured for financial reasons or is this a job with a hope of a future in the company? What are your objectives? Why do you want to work for this company? These are issues most employers want to know.

Think about a resume as a tool that sells the individual to the employer. One resume will not fit every job. Most resumes are briefly scanned as the employer watches for key words that will meet the characteristics of the employee he wants to hire. A resume can make a difference in whether an applicant is hired or not.

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