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Standing Out From Your Competitors

Want to stand out above your competitors? Employers want to know their future employees are capable and qualified for the job. The best way to stand out above your competitors is to have a winning essay giving your qualification for the job. Using resumes, cover letters and other employment documents that are superior will help you to stand out from your competitors.

The best way to stand out over your competition is to sell yourself. This means persuading the employer you are the best person for the job. The best way to do this is to learn all you can about the company and the position. Research is necessary to find this information. Research shows the best employers to contact. Contacting the right employers give you a better chance of being interviewed.

When writing any type of employment documents, it is important to address the specific audience that will be reading these materials. These documents must be able to persuade the employer that you have the qualifications to do the job. Using key words is one of the best ways to show this. Key words are nouns and verbs that are used only by a specific career or company. It is important to have the right words to stand out from competitors. These key words should be used to express work experience and education such as names of specific duties performed in a listing of work experience. Neat employment letters and resume may make the difference whether the employer becomes interested in you or your competitor.

Take the opportunity to go to job fairs. Often you will be able to talk to key employers at these fairs. Take time to get acquainted with people and add these to your network of contacts. Networking will help you to stand out from your competitors as well as often provide referrals needed for job interviews or references. Often different people may know others in your field of expertise that may open the door for you. Often networking is the best way to find out about different companies or employers. Some places to add to your network system are members of the church, former co-workers, or career counselors. Think about who may know that might make a referral for you or to give you information about specific companies. Knowing the right person may make a difference in whether you get the job or your competitor. 
Check out professional association websites on the Internet. Many of these will have a help wanted site letting people know what opportunities are available. Sometimes there will be an entry fee for membership. Never join a website just to get the job listings because many of these companies may not be legitimate. However, legitimate associations will often help you know the latest in the industry. Many of these associations have local meetings and events you can attend to meet new people and add to your list of networks.

Send your resume and a cover letter to companies you are interested in being a part of their team. When sending a resume do not fold it into a business letter, but place the resume and cover letter into a 9 x 11 envelope. This allows the resume to be seen by the employer without it being wrinkled. Often first impressions are lasting impressions. Never staple any of the documents. Place your address label on the top left corner with correct postage on the envelope. Type out a label with the address of the company and place it on the 9 x 11 envelope.

Once you have made contacts, placed resumes, and interviewed a company, do not stop. Continue to follow-up. Check back with employers to see if they are hiring yet. While the employer may not need anyone today the situation may change unexpectedly tomorrow. Always remember to thank the employer for an interview in a post-interview letter.

Check to see if you have a resume that stands out from others. Check your network for opportunities that competitors may not have. Continue to follow up on different opportunities.

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