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We at realize the importance of writing resumes designed to fit the specific position or career. Our team of writers is chosen for the expertise our writers have in different fields. While many fields may be related and have many of the same duties, the facts are that each of these specialties have specific duties.

Look at the duties of an adjuster, investigator, or collector:

Many adjusters, investigators, and collectors are responsible for explaining policies or regulations. However, a police investigator would be a lot different than a city adjuster. A bill collector would have different duties than a police adjuster. Bill collectors would have completely different duties than a police investigator. All three of these may be listed under the same career browser when researching the careers.

Our resume writers know that different duties of one type of employment will be different than a similar type of employment. Our team of writers works with the client to use key words to list the abilities, skills, and qualifications of the client.

Look at the duties of traffic, shipping, and receiving clerks:

The duties of a traffic, shipping, and receiving clerk have many responsibilities such as keeping records of any goods shipped and received. However, the different types of duties will depend on what type of company it is. The duties of the clerk in a small company may be responsible for accepting all the deliveries as well as preparing shipments. The duties of a clerk in a large company will have the different duties divided among other clerks.

Our resume writers recognize the difference in duties depending on the size of the company. Using key words to describe these duties is important on the resume as well as the cover letter. We work with our client to list the different responsibilities so the future employer can see the qualifications of the client.

Looking at the duties of different employees and using key words to write resume is important!

Our team of resume writers knows the importance of “buzz” words and work to create a great resume that will stand out from competitors.

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