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Resume Resources Online

Looking for help on writing your resume? The Internet has hundreds of sites about resumes and how to write them. The problem is finding websites that offer genuine help. Many of these websites give free tips and suggestions for resumes while others provide resume service. Using different search engines will give you a list of websites that offer resume help. However, many of these are companies that offer resume help for a fee.

Use different search engines to find resume help online. and are two search engines that have numerous types of resume websites available. Carefully review these different websites to see how accurate the information is. Many of these websites offer beneficial information that will help you in writing resumes, cover letters, or etc. 
Here are some websites that offer free help with writing a resume.

The Kansas University at is one example of a website with informative information on writing resumes. It suggests different keys for resume writing including content and style. It discusses how to write a cover letter and post-interview letters.

The OWL Online Writing Lab offers a variety of help with professional writing such as writing needed in conducting a job search. It gives general advice for a resume as well as advice for specific sections of the resume. This website gives advice on employment letters and documents.

LEO Write Place Catalogue (website) discusses resumes and cover letters. It gives information about different types of resumes, such as chronological resumes, functional resumes, imaginative resumes, and skills resumes. It gives advice for different parts of the resume.

Career Services at Virginia Tech gives advice on creating resumes. It includes answers to specific questions such as “Should I include my GPA?” The website even gives a how-to on shaking hands in an interview. Advice on interviews are also a part of this website.

If you are looking for a resume service be careful choosing the company. Many resume services take the information and put it into a standard form. It is like buying a pair of shoes that fits everyone. Successful resumes are created step-by-step using key words for the specific employer. A resume needs to be as persuasive as possible as it lists the work experience and education of the individual.

A great resume service will do its homework before giving you the resume. It will take time to research the company you will be applying to. The resume writer will use this information in creating the resume.

The resume service will use key words designed for the company you want to work at. Key words or “buzz” words are individual to each company. These key words will stand out when the employer scans over the resume.
A quality resume service will be eye appealing. Often glancing at resumes the employer will select those that are attractive and neat. The employer usually wants something a little different than the rest of the resumes.

Some important questions to ask about resume service are:

· How long has the company been in service? Most legitimate resume service companies will be in business for several years. 
· Who are the writers? Writers usually have areas of expertise. Are resumes one of these?
· Do they guarantee their resume service? If not, they are not interested in the customer.

Using different search engines will list numerous listings of resume help. Many of these websites offer free information in guiding you to write a resume. Many of the websites are simply companies who want you to use their service. is a resume service that is dependable and reliable. Our team of writers has been writing for over eight years. Our writers take the time to meet the needs of the client and the work is guaranteed.

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