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Looking at a Resume From a Human Resources Point of View

A resume should begin by telling the employer what he wants to know. Each word should have meaning and allow the employer to get a glimpse of who you are and how capable you are of fulfilling the position. Many employers get tired of seeing the same old thing in every resume. That is why it is important to customize the resume to meet the requirements of the position you are applying for. Market “yourself” so the employer sees what a valuable employee you are.

It is important for your resume to not just tell about past experiences but to market your skills and abilities. The structure and consistency of a resume is essential in letting the employer know what is important to him/her. Using key words is a great way to structure the resume.

Describe any special projects, skills, leadership activities, or other important information with specific “buzz” or key words. Employers get stacks of resumes and they are looking for something that stands out from the others. 
The resume needs to tell the employer what you can do for them. What are your abilities? What experience have you had? Be persuasive in your resume. Often the resume is the invitation for employers to invite a person for an interview. A resume that persuades the employer that you are the right person for the company will have a better chance of getting an interview. Did the applicant customize her/her resume for the specific position?

The employer wants to know whether the applicant has the experience and education needed. An employer does not want to waste valuable time interviewing someone who does not have the education or experience. 
The employer looks at a resume that has spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes with the opinion that the individual does not pay close attention to details. Why would he choose someone that does not care enough to correct simple mistakes?

Often the employer recognizes red flags about a resume. Often this is based on the way the information is presented or in some cases not presented. Employers do not like to see a resume that is padded with fluffy words or a resume that is cluttered. Employers are irritated with resumes that pad the person’s abilities or experience.

Employers often see resumes that have too many generalities and not enough specific information. It is important to describe the experience with key words or “buzz” words that show the employer that you know what the position and have experience with the different types of duties.

Looking at resumes from the employer’s perspective shows that they want resumes designed to show the specific skills an employee may have. The employer wants a resume that tells him/her what the applicant can do for him/her. It answers the question, “Why should I hire you?” The answers to this question should be answered using specific key words that outline the abilities of the applicant. The employer wants the applicant to explain why he/she should be given a chance to work for his company. After all, a resume is actually a tool to get an interview with the company.

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