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Jobs Going Overseas – Make Yourself More Valuable in Your Employer’s Eyes

Research shows that more and more jobs are going overseas. Why are American jobs going overseas? What can an employee do to stop this? How can he/she become more valuable to the employer?

Why Are These Jobs Going Overseas?
It’s all about money. When foreign employees can work cheaper most employers do not hesitate to send work where it can be done cheaper. Often the quality of work done overseas is not the issue. Many foreign employees have gone to college and have the same degree that an American employee may have.

Do The American Employers Not Care About American Employees?
The priority for most American employers is money and finances. The American employer must cut back expenses due to the American citizen wanting cheaper prices. The only way the employer can do this is to send work overseas where the employees are willing to work for cheaper wages. While the American employer wants to select American employees often this is a choice that is impossible because of financial crises many companies are having. Most of the cutbacks on employees were caused by the recession. The fact is that living in a competitive world the employer must make decisions that often include hiring employees that will accept cheaper wages.

What Jobs Are Going Overseas?
Various types of jobs are going overseas. For instance architect employees receive approximately $3,000 per month here in the United States while architects in the Philippines receive only around $250 per month. Which employee do you think the employer will choose: $3,000 or $250?
  Another example can be seen with accountants. Many big corporations are hiring accountants in India, Ireland, and the Philippines. The average wage for a worker in the United States is approximately $5,000 per month while the average wage in the Philippines is $300 per month. More and more employers are deciding to send work overseas because financially it is cheaper.

Making Yourself More Valuable to Your Employer
The first step to making yourself more valuable is to learn every thing possible about the latest technology and your career. Spend time knowing what is going on inside the company and with competitors. Learn new skills and take the information back to your company. Once a person become more marketable it builds their self-esteem and helps them to be more assertive in expressing new ideas and programs that will help the company improve.

Process of Being Marketable
Being marketable does not begin in one day. It takes time to learn new skills in a company. Be willing to assume responsibilities for different tasks. Slip into new projects and show that you can achieve in different areas. Make your own program as you show greater strength in different areas. Become an expertise in different areas.

It’s Not Just A Job - It’s a Career
The best way to become marketable is to show that you are capable of being in management and that you are the best person for the job. Let the employer see that your position is not just a job, but also an important part of your career. Be aware of market conditions and changes that need to be made. Search for new positions within the company and use networking to move forward in these positions. Try to meet employees in different departments. Make these a part of your network system. Learn how different areas of the company work. What skills do you need to advance to these positions? Sell yourself to your company by learning different skills needed in the company. Let your employer know you are the best person for his/her company.

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