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The Importance of Key Words in A Resume

Often employers look at resumes to see if they have key words expressing the specific position the applicant wants. Often key words increase the chance on getting an interview.

Pretend you are the employer for a few seconds. Make a list of key words describing the position you want. What key words would identify the experiences you have had? Managers do not want to be told how good an employee you are. They want to be shown how good of an employer you are. This can be done through the use of key words in a resume.

The best way to show an employer how great an employee you are is to use active verbs describing your strengths and special abilities. A great way to find these key words is to look up the positions on the Internet and see how they are described. What key words can target the position? Begin by starting a notebook with new words or descriptive words identifying the position you are wanting.

Look at different want ads. How is the position described in these? What important competencies are used to describe this position? Write these down.

Look at different trade magazines to see how they discuss the position wanted. Scan over these magazines to find “buzz” words describing employees working for different companies. Add these to your notebook. 
What words are used to describe the “next level up job” as well as the “one level up” for competitors? Write these in your notebook. Add words and experiences listed as the preferred skills of the company. Add these to the notebook. Find words that describe leadership, team skills, communication skills, and etc.

The next step is taking the key words in the notebook and expressing them in a resume. List your past experience, education, and abilities by using these key words to describe them. Be sure to describe any accomplishments, awards, or recognition that you have received. 
Remember the quantity of words on a resume is not as important as the quality of words used. The resume should market your skills using key words. Writing the resume should sell “yourself” as a worthy future employee. The resume tells the employer why he should give a specific person an interview and that is where the key words in the notebook will help you convince the employer of how valuable you are.

Check the resume to see if you have used at least 50% of the words listed. The next step is having a friend scan the notebook for key terms for the employer might want as well as checking for accuracy.

While employers do not resumes that are padded with key words without the experience to back it up, they are looking for key words that describe a valuable future employee. Using key words will attract the attention of the employer and give you the interview you wanted.

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