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How to Jump-Start a Lagging Job Hunt

Do you feel like all your opportunities have been explored? Do you feel you are lagging on your job hunt? Decide today that the steps you take will make the difference in getting the job you want.

Begin with a List of Possible Employers
Make a list of all the places you have placed resumes. Research these companies on the Internet. Who are the main employers of this company? Have you contacted them? Check back with these employers to see if they might be hiring now. A closed door one day may be an open door the next.

Get Some More Education
What specific type of education might be needed to increase your chances of getting the job you want? Take some night courses or even try distance learning. Spend some time getting more marketable skills such as a college degree or even vocational school.

Redo Your Resume
If your resume is not getting the attention of different employers then it is time to redo your resume. One size fits all resumes do not grab the attention of many employers. The best choice is to design a resume for a specific job even if it means several resumes.

Send A Post-Interview Letter
Have you sent out post-interview letters thanking the employers for the time they spent with you during an interview? Think about some things you might have forgotten to mention during the interview. Tell the employer of new skills you might have learned. Let the employer know you appreciated his time and you are interested in the job.

Networking is making a list of people you know who might know about different jobs. Often companies do not advertise different jobs. They often take referrals by employees of the company. Do you know anyone who might know someone? It does not hurt to ask other people if they know about any jobs inside their companies.

Volunteer with different associations or affiliations. Volunteering is a great way to network and get to know different people. Step forward and be willing to be a leader when needed. Let people know you are willing to help others. Get to know people in your community. These are great ways to increase your networking circle.

Consider What Goals You Want for the Future
An important step in job searching is looking toward the future? Are there new skills you need to learn for your career? Take steps to get these skills. Think about your interests? Are there different companies that might hire where you can advance in the future to the position you want? Network to find companies that might be hiring that will be willing to teach new skills. Often it takes one step at a time to achieve your dream job. Redo your resume, learn new skills, become involved in the community, start checking on new jobs with referrals from networking, and your lagging job search will lead to a fantastic job.

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