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How to Increase Your Chances When You’ve Exhausted Your Job Sources

It seems like you have exhausted all of your job sources. What should you do now? What steps can you take to increase your chances of obtaining a job after all your job sources are gone? While this may seem like a difficult time there are still opportunities you can take to make a difference in getting a job.

Volunteer some of your time to a community organization. Why? Because often volunteering can open doors to networking that would only be available through doing the volunteer work. Many employers as well as employees volunteer their services to different organizations and this might open the door of opportunity to increase your chances of getting the employment you want. Often you may meet people who work at a particular company that may be willing to give you a referral after working with you on a community project.

Why not take the time to increase your education? Take some classes that will add to your list of skills. These can be added to your resume or you can briefly state in a post-interview letter you are taking courses part-time to increase your skills. Sometimes these classes may open other doors of networking and important referrals.

Be willing to demonstrate your leadership skills. Show the importance of leadership skills by volunteering to direct different groups or associations in your area. What organizations might be beneficial to helping the community? Being in the right place at the right time will increase your chances of getting a door of opportunity open.

Do you know topics and subjects that interest others? Put this knowledge to use by writing articles for the local newspaper or various types of magazines. An employer seeing your name in print might decide to give you an interview.

The number one way to increase your chances of employment is through networking. Often a number of vacancies are not placed in the newspaper wanted ads or on the Internet. However, often employees know of different positions that may be open. Talking to others through networking may open opportunities that might not otherwise exist. Often employers will interview people who are referred to them by employees in the company.

The number one reason for networking is to be able to make contacts about different positions that may be opened. Networking is a system of helping those you know and those who know you. What is the importance of networking? It is often the ticket to the hidden job-market to jobs you may want. It gives people a chance to learn about different industries or companies. It is an inside ladder to opportunities. Knowing people helps in searching for any type of employment.

One way to increase your chance of getting an interview is through knowing people who work for the company or knowing people who are friends with the employers. The best way to do this is through networking. Be on the alert for ways to increase your network system. Who do you know that might know someone who works for a specific company? Take that person and his friend to lunch. Use your communication skills to be friendly and to tap the door of opportunities.

Some other keys to increasing your chances after using all your sources are to check out company websites. Do they have any positions open? Use search engines to obtain listings of different jobs. Obtain some trade publications and check out any openings. Look at the Business Periodicals Index at your local library.

Once you find the openings then use networking to get an open door into these positions. One step at a time can lead to greater chances of getting an interview.

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