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Deciding on a Change of Career

An average person may change his career eight different times over their lifetime. Why do you want a change in careers? What type of career are you thinking about? Answering these questions should be considered when deciding to change a career. Some people have to change their careers for medical reasons such as an auto body shop employee may not be able to take the fumes anymore so he has to change his career. If this is a career that he enjoyed it may be difficult to think about new careers. The first step in deciding to change careers is to focus on what types of careers you might want and what educational background may be needed.

Often a person does not know what he may want to do next. He may only know that his old career does not work for him anymore. The important thing is to decide what type of job you might enjoy doing. What are you good at doing? Sometimes it is important to list the things you do not enjoy doing and would not want to do. The next step is focusing on what you would enjoy doing. It is important to determine what is important for you. Settling for anything less will only lead to more job changes. Think about what you like to do. What are your short-term and long-term goals? What do you hope to do in the future? What work will make life interesting for you and give you more pleasure? Before deciding on what type of career change you may want think about these questions.

These questions should be thought about before making any type of career change: 
- What are your talents and abilities? What are you good at doing?
- What are some skills you have but would like to improve?
- What types of activities or tasks do you not like doing?
- What type of salary is important to you? 
- What responsibilities do you have financially that might require a certain salary?

Use the answers to these questions to help you determine what type of career you might enjoy doing.

Discuss different types of careers with those in your network circle. Ask them about different types of careers they may have. Ask them if they enjoy their work. Ask them to describe the duties they do. This can help in deciding on the type of career or rule out careers that you know you may not enjoy.

Check out different careers at the library. Often the librarian will have books that will list specific information on different careers such as salary, duties, responsibilities, and etc. Take time to check out different types of careers and see if they will match your personality and skills.

Most jobs are obtainable if you try hard enough. Often getting dreams and goals achieved means starting at the bottom. It may take time to work to accomplish the position you want but it will be worth it. If you need to go back to college to refresh on different skills or even to get a college degree do it. Take whatever steps are necessary to get the job you want.

Sometimes it may mean receiving a lower salary until you work your way up but it is worth it. However, a person must be realistic on some things. Do you have the skills or talent for the job?

The best approach to career changing is to give it careful consideration and select the job that will make you happy. Be thoughtful, focused, and realistic in deciding what career you want. An unhappy worker is often dangerous on a job. An unsatisfied worker may not be as careful with things that can lead to accidents. Select a job you will enjoy and work toward getting the career you want.

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