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Searching for a job is a full-time task that requires a great resume, cover letter, and the ability to sell “yourself” to the employer.

Most job searchers do not have time to put a full-time effort into job searching because they have other tasks to do. That’s where can help the job search. We can help with resumes, cover letters, post-interview letters, and even build a portfolio for you. The key to a full-time search effort is receiving help.

Do you know yourself? Are you aware of whom “you” are when it comes to skills, abilities, personality, and/or qualifications?
Most people have a tendency to “not” want to brag about whom they are when it comes to job skills. The first step in any career should begin with a self-assessment showing your strengths and weaknesses. A great way to discover strengths and weaknesses is to brainstorm. Make a list of all the strengths you have on one side of the paper. What are your weaknesses? Write these on the other side of the paper. What types of work do you enjoy doing? Make a list of skills and responsibilities you had with previous jobs. What degrees and certificates do you have? Do you enjoy working with people or alone? Do you enjoy starting and completing projects on your own? Do you prefer someone giving you step-by-step directions? 

When it comes to getting an interview it takes a great resume that sells “you”.
Knowing yourself is the first step to selling yourself, which is what a resume does. Recognizing your skills, abilities, personality, and qualifications are important. We can take the information you give us and turn it into a great resume and/or cover letter.

I have already started my resume so how can you help me?
We recognize the work and time put into a resume. We realize time is money. We could take your resume and make changes to make your resume “stand out” as employers scan for key words. We write cover letters with a great “hook” in the introduction paragraph that will grab the employer’s attention. The first paragraph of a cover letter should get the attention of the employer and keep him reading the entire cover letter. 

If you plan to give your resume to more than one company you need more than one resume. 

Resumes should be as individual as matching shoes for different outfits. Most people would not wear tennis shoes with a dress. Neither should one resume be given to several employers. Let us assist you with creating resumes for the different types of jobs you are seeking. 

“Buzz” words for different positions are important in the resume. Key words increase the opportunities of getting an interview. It is important to use enough key words to define what your skills, abilities, and qualifications are. 

Be bold. Take the first step today in getting the interview you want. Let make a difference for you.

Our team of resume writers will assist you with your resume and/or cover letter. We assign a resume writer to work one-on-one with you to create a fabulous resume with key words showing your skills and qualifications. Let us help you to get your interview by having a winning resume and cover letter. 

Will your resume get the attention of the employer? Have you used “buzz” words to define your skills and qualifications? Have you listed any characteristics of a great employee? Would you like some help in critiquing your resume? Having someone read your resume is an important part of having a winning resume.

Remember the purpose of a resume is to get an interview. Our team of writers will gladly look over your resume and work with you to create a winning resume. Let us help you critique and change your resume so you will get your interview. Our resume writers know key words that will stand out from other competitors such as adaptation, diplomatic, constructive, facilitator, versatile, organized, and creative. Often making minor adjustments that will display your skills and qualifications will make the difference. 

Make a difference in your resume by letting our team of writers critique it for you!

Order Your Resume and Cover Letter Today!

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